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Derek is the owner & founder of Hamer Consulting and currently resides in Philadelphia, PA.  He completed his education at Temple University, receiving a dual degree in both Accounting and Management Information Systems.  Shortly after, he began working at a large public accounting firm, Ernst & Young, where he obtained his CPA license.  He has been an active CPA for 8 years.

Although Derek’s career was off to a nice start, he realized that he had a deeper passion to work with individuals and small businesses to provide them with the financial education and assistance they need to be successful.  

Hamer Consulting was started so we can help empower people financially to better support their families and communities.  We want to ensure individuals like YOU (the business owner, the investor, the hustler, the go-getter) are in the best financial & tax situation possible.  Whether you need support with starting a business, assistance with tax planning/preparation, or have bookkeeping/accounting needs, we’re here to help!

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